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Adjustamatic Electric Bed with Mattress

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The Adjustamatic is fully adjustable at the touch of a button. the angle can support your body exactly the way you'd like. It has a 5 action mechanism supporting your neck, back, posterior, thigh and lower legs. this bed has been created for those of us who want relief from the following:

  • Symptoms of minor aches and pains due to muscular fatigue or over exertion
    • Symptoms of low back pain
    • The symptoms of water retention or swelling of the legs
    • Symptoms of poor local blood circulation
    • Symptoms of inflammation of joints and muscles
    • Temporary relief from the symptoms of mild rheumatism
    • Symptoms of mild arthritis
  • Simple tension
  • • Muscle pain associated with stress and tension
    • Positional relief from respiratory problems
    • Positional relief from light and occasional snoring
  • Upon doing market research we found our clients demand was for a unique adjustable bed. the following was found:
    •Electric beds are much more comfortable for the patient.
    •Electric beds give the patient some independence
    •An electric bed relieves physical stress for the caregiver.
    •Electric beds can provide additional therapy.
    •Electric beds can improve the standard of home care